Bennie Field

 Bennie Field was born on December 9, 1919, in Lewistown, Montana.  Bennie was very smart and graduated from high school early.  According to him, it’s because the teachers were tired of his antics. Nobody knows for certain. It would not surprise his family if that was the truth. Bennie was adamant about spelling words correctly and would often sit in his recliner and study the encyclopedia. His children and grandchildren were often quizzed out of the blue. After graduating from High School Bennie moved to Oklahoma City where he met Lousie Boland. They Married on April 4,1942 in Dallas, Texas.

Bennie was a member of the Army Air Corps during WWII. On December 7,1941 Bennie was on leave visiting Louise in Dallas. As soon as he heard about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he left, hitching a ride, including one with a Marine who took him as far as he could. He rarely talked about his service except to say that he lost family and friends. He was in training to be a turret gunner when the war ended. He spent all four years of his service stateside, leaving with the rank of Technical Sergeant. Along with the uncertainty of war, Bennie and Louise also lost their first-born child, a son who passed away four days after birth.

After the War, Bennie returned to Oklahoma City with his wife Louise. He worked for several car dealerships and car repair shops, including time as a Service Manager for a Dodge dealer. He also taught at Oklahoma School of Transmission before opening his own car repair business.

He eventually leased a Texaco station near his home and for many years was able to provide for his family doing car repairs and pumping gas. It was not unusual to see one of his kids or grandchildren pumping gas or cleaning windshields.

Bennie was an avid reader of The Hominy News and would often look for stories or letters to the editors that his brother Morris had written. Bennie was a member of American Legion Post 352 and served as Commander. Bennie received the Americanism Award from the American Legion.

He was also a contributor to Jesus House in Oklahoma City, and was also a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army.

Bennie and Louise had 5 children, 6 Grandchildren and 6 Great Grandchildren

(Written by his daughter, Ginnie 8-30-2023)