What’s Next ?. We were successful in obtaining an Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant from the Oklahoma Historical Society. This completed ournext phase of the museum expansion. The above photo illustrates a one of a dozen exhibits called “Dynamic Floating Islands of History”. Each “island” will focuses on one aspect of the Hominy Community history. Topics currently displayed include the M-K-T (Katy) Railroad; Shorin -ryu martial arts; local military heroes and servicemen; local professional and indian football and basketball athletes; Field family members, and more. These Dynamic Islands will be improved and changed over time. They are mobile to allow different display in the museum.

Do you have something to contribute to Hominy History ? Artifacts in these areas are accepted by the Museum so they can be shared with the community and preserved.

The Museum will continue to pursue grants and donations to sustain itself, grow, and serve the community.

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The Field Historical Printing Museum, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and contributions are tax-deductible.