Virginia Field Alexander

Virginia Field Alexander was born on August 29, 1915 in Great Falls, Montana.  She grew up in Lewistown, Montana.  She was Myrtle Field’s third child of ten and the oldest daughter.  After high school she attended college studying to be a teacher. 
     But her adopted father, Harry Field, died and her mother decided to take the 7 youngest children to Oklahoma to be near her mother and brother.  Virginia quit college and called off an engagement to marry and went to Oklahoma with her mother and younger siblings.  As the oldest daughter she felt it was her responsibility to help. 
     After arriving in Hominy, Virginia and her younger sister Clarice moved to Oklahoma City to get jobs to help the family financially.  Virginia worked as a waitress and there met her future husband, Wayne Alexander.  Virginia and Wayne had two children, Pat and Ernest, and a grandson, Ernest Wayne the third. 
     Wayne worked as a store manager for Oil Well Supply and was transferred to various locations in Kansas and Oklahoma.  Virginia maintained their homes and took care of the two children. 
     Virginia was a true book lover and from early years to her last always had a book with her.  She and her children always made the library their first stop to get library cards when they moved to a new town.
      Virginia also loved travel and adventures.  She was ready to try something new and didn’t need any prompting when it was time to go on a new trip. 
       After Wayne left the oil supply business, they opened their own hobby store which eventually evolved into just coins and stamps.  They worked together on this enterprise for many years until Wayne died.  Then Virginia and her son Ernest continued with the business.
       Virginia died on June 30, 2011 at almost age 96.  Still active until a year before her death and proud to be doing her part for the family coin and stamp business.   


(Written By Pat Alexander, daughter of Virginia)